Crane Wheels

Overhead crane wheel

Made in Canada.

For more than 35 years, Hydramach has been a leading manufacturer and supplier of crane wheels.

We began manufacturing crane wheels to support our endtruck business, but demand from other crane companies to build their own endtrucks and from OEMs building transfer carts and rail cart assemblies quickly grew, and we are now proud to have manufactured tens of thousands of wheels over the last three decades. Whether you need to replace wheels on existing endtrucks, or custom design a rail cart, we can help!

  • Single Flange Crane Wheel - Models SF80, SF130, SF200, SF315
  • Double Flange Crane Wheel - Models DF120, DF200, DF300, DF400, DF500
  • Up to 20” Diameter
  • Plain or Precision Geared
  • Spark Resistant Crane Wheels (aluminum bronze – 9C material available)
  • Accessory Kits - Pinions, axles, axle plates, spacer kits

Our large stock inventory ensures a lead time of only 3 to 4 days.

  • Top and Under Running Crane Endtruck Wheels
  • Rail Cart Wheels
  • Transfer Cart Wheels
  • Crane Trolley Wheels
  • Hoist Trolley Wheels

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